United Pulling Federation

             UPF Mission Statement


Our Mission:


Our goal at the UPF is to honor the working qualities of the canine athlete.   By weight pulling our dogs not only do we uphold the tradition of working quality canines, but we solidify the bond between human and canine.  At no time will we ever endanger or put in harms way any of our canine athletes.  At all times we will show fairness and good sportsmanship to our fellow competitors.  Though striving to be the best at our sport, we will never show disregard for the animals health and wellbeing. 

While other canine activities may have subjectivity involved, we at the UPF will resolve ourselves to the highest standards of objectivity in that we will compete and enforce a clear and concise set of rules and guidelines to be observed and followed by all who compete.

Our overall goal is to bring out the best of the human and canine teams,  never losing sight of honor and respect for our fellow competitors.