United Pulling Federation

                    News Updates


                Updated Rules For 2015

 UPF rules have been updated for the 2015 season.  See the rules section for current changes.  UPF Title requirements are now located in the rules.

                                        Title Changes

UPF Weight Pull Titles have been changed from the 2015 season. The new titles are WPW (Weight Pull Wheels) and WPR (Weight Pull Rails).  Title requirements have been incorporated within the rule, please read this section for further information.

                  How To Sanction A Pull


Please use the UPF Sanctioning Form here or on the forms page to submit a request to sanction a pull. Please ensure all required information is correct and included on the form. This will help us keep the Pull Schedule clean, concise and complete for each event.

Thank you for your support.

                  UPF now accepts Pay Pal


The UPF will now be accepting Pay Pal for payments to: