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                  UPF Sanctioning form




       You may complete this form and click submit or print and mail to:

 Ian Patterson

85 Gannow Lane




BB12 6QH

Email:   unitedpullingfederation@gmail.com

Sanctioned events

A. The UPF Sanctioning form must be received at least one month (30days) prior to the event

B. Maximum entry fee is £30.00 per dog. Maximum entry fee in Europe is 30.00 euro’s 

C. All results and entry forms must be completed and sent to the UPF within 7 days of the final sanctioned event

· Score sheets maybe submitted via scanned documents and emailed to: UPFWeightpull@hotmail.com

· Entry forms are required to be submitted to the UPF. Please take photocopies and keep for your own reference, only original copies will be accepted by the UPF

D. Information from events held on the final two weekends of the season must be emailed to the UPF within 2 days of the final day of the event

E. Event Organizer is responsible for:

· Obtaining all equipment necessary to host a weight pull.

· Completing all UPF paperwork and submitting it to the UPF within one week (7 days). Paperwork includes UPF Entry forms and UPF Score Sheets

· Collection of fees and submission of fees to UPF within one week (7 days). Fees are £3.00 per dog in UK, 3.00 Euros per dog in Europe

· If the Event Organizer fails to submit the paperwork and fees on time a £50.00 (or equivalent) fee will be charged

· Paperwork and fees must be submitted before results are posted on the web site

· Continued failure to submit paperwork and fees will result in the pull/pulls not counting towards Championships

· Verify that all UPF rules where strictly enforced, and making sure that no dogs well being was ever put in danger during the event


                    Sanctioning packet


These are the forms you will require for a UPF Sanctioned Weight Pull


UPF Entry Form

UPF Scoring Sheet


Please complete and

email: UPFWeightpull@hotmail.com